Need a solution to that Prem.a.ture Ejaculati0n? 

“New 4-In-1 Kit Shows Unknown Secret 

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Hello Friend,

This would be a life changing product for you if spend time few minutes of your time to read till the end.

Now, picture if you will…

...the pains that comes from your inability to satisfy your woman.

Spending heavily on drugs with no positive outcome.

Or struggling so much to satisfy your wife with not-so-true pleasure or orgasm.

Not to talk of countless pills you have consumed to last longer on bed only to release upon getting an erection. 

The truth is,

Most of all these drugs hardly works, even if they do, only 50% result is guaranteed!

So, how do you correct this issue, and get yourself performing better??

The answer is simple. Librofin 4-In-1 Kit.

How does the 4-In-1 Kit work? And how effective is it?

Good question. Here's your answer..

   How Effective is The 4-In-1 Kit?

Our 4-In-1 Kit namely LIBIRON and Emphatic Laxative is a unisex herbal formula that gives men strong and long-lasting erecti0n and also doubles as a libido booster in women. It not only grants long-lasting Erecti0ns, but also improves sperm count and quality.

Aside from that... contains high anti-oxidant activities that consume all free radicals, targeting all toxins that causes hormonal balance, ensures detoxification of the sytem, cures urinary track challenges to ensure optimal performance during sex.

Use of Libiron for up to 30 days helps correct premature ejaculati0n such that you wouldn't need to rely on constant use of supplements to last long in bed.

Libiron capsule 500mg helps combat infertility; it stimulates sexual glands of both male and female to increase sex hormone production and extends the function and capabilities of genitalia during sex.

Best of it all, it has a mild action that does not lead to dependence.


Instead of taking a pill before you want to have sex, and then being forced to wait 60 minutes for the results to kick in, with 4-in-1 kit you simply take two capsules, thrice per day.

Then, over period of 30 days, this 100% natural herbal formulation builds up in your system, so that you begin to experience:

  • A noticeable increase in your desire for sex.


  • Harder, thicker erecti0ns when you want them.


  • Truly impressive stamina and control.


  • Plus some of the most intense orgasms you’ve ever experienced!


  • And there’s no need to worry about the side effects that are commonly associated with prescription drugs. Because Libron is safe... 100% natural... and doctor endorsed !


Even if you're Diabetic or Hypertensive, ofcourse one of the side effect of Hypertensive & Diabetic drugs is weak erection, therefore don't fail to grab this product and rejuvenate your sex life again.  Plus we have a special tea that helps your case: SPAMBIRON TEA

In a nutshell, Libiron Super sex capsule is an all in one solution and a must have for every marriage.

Overall, we have different price plans that's afforable to all our customers. Kindly keep scrolling to see the price plans. 

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 Our Selling Plans


 To ensure an effective result. We have over 4 superb plans for all users.     

The entry plan contains 2 bottles of the libiron capsules plus a Laxative Cleanser that clears all toxins in your system within 3 - 7hours of ingesting it.

Price: #15,000

Super Plan

The second plan contains 4 bottles of Libron super sexual tonic containing 20 capsules each, plus a free laxative.

NB: The both plans are good for a start depending on your financial capability. As we will ensure you get the value of the money you spent, hence permanent treatment at the end.

Our hope is that after using the product you will always refere us to potential customers.

Price: #20,500


Premium Plan

The premium plan contains 8 containers of Libiron Capsules, and a free laxative. 

NB: The immune booster is for patients with Infection, while patients without infection will receive full 8 containers of Libiron Capsule plus the free laxative attached. Hence, if you dont have an infection, don't worry about the immune booster, the libiron capsule contains enough antioxidants that ensures you get an effective result. 

Price = #40,000

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Note: Please ensure you're fully ready for this product, and the money to pay at the point of delivery is available before you placed order. 

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100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Our 3-In-1 Kit works on any kind of Premature Ejaculation, irrespective of years of the ailment. 

If you dont get any result within 30days of use, simply contact our support, or chat us on WhatsApp  08146196896, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

Have Questions, Contact Our Support: 08146196896

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