Need a solution to that Premature Ejaculation? 

“New 3-In-1 Kit Shows Unknown Secret 

To Get Rid Of *Premature Ejaculation* Completely…” 

Dear Sir,

Picture if you will…

...the pains that comes from your inability to satisfy your woman.

Spending heavily on drugs with no positive outcome.

Or struggling so much to satisfy your wife with not-so-true pleasure or orgasm.

Not to talk of countless pills you have consumed to last longer on bed only to release upon getting an erection. 

The truth is,

Most of all these drugs hardly works, even if they do, only 50% result is guaranteed!

Now, let me reveal this secret to you...

Every woman enjoys a good sex life with her partner. Even if she pretends, she’s hiding her feelings, worst still she may be having an extra-marital affair with someone. 

So, how do you get yourself treated??

The answer is simple. SuperDose 3-In-1 Kit.

How does the 3-In-1 Kit work? And how effective is it?

Good question. Here's your answer..

   How Effective is The 3-In-1 Kit?

  Our 3-In-1 Kit namely Superdose, Daabs, Saabfat are all natural products processed from fruits and vegetables.

It contains high anti-oxidant activities that consume all free radicals, targeting all toxins that causes hormonal balance, ensures detoxification of the sytem, cures urinary track challenges to ensure optimal performance during sex.

Secondly, our 3-in-1 kit is for men who wish to enjoy bigger, harder, longer-lasting erections on demand.

Instead of taking a pill before you want to have sex, and then being forced to wait 60 minutes for the results to kick in, with 3-in-1 kit you simply take two capsules, twice per day.

Then, over period of 30 days, this 100% natural herbal formulation builds up in your system, so that you begin to experience:

  • A noticeable increase in your desire for sex.


  • Harder, thicker erections when you want them.


  • Truly impressive stamina and control.


  • Plus some of the most intense orgasms you’ve ever experienced!


  • And there’s no need to worry about the side effects that are commonly associated with prescription drugs. Because Superdose, Daabs and Saabfat5 is safe... 100% natural... and doctor endorsed !


What are the benefits of using 3-In-1 Kit? 

  • Completely eliminate your Premature Ejaculation problem.
  • Rejuvenate your sex life.
  • Pound your wife vigorous, while she gives you a ball-gripping blow-job          
  • Increase your libido.     
  • Be able to satisfy your wife and put her in the mood as long as you want.        
  • Get hard erections as long as you want it.        
  • Treat any form of STI in your system and         
  • Be able to go as many rounds as you want without getting fatigued    



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 Our Selling Plans

 To ensure an effective result. We have two superb plans for different patients.              

Premium Plan  

For diabetic patient, Hypertensive patients ( High Blood Pressure) we give you Daabs and Saabfat bottle(30 capsule each) before you can finish one or two dosage, believe me you could run to us for more.

Super Plan

No diabetic, No BP, No Infection, wants quick result. We give you Superdose container (30 capsules)

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Note: Please ensure you're fully ready for this product, and the money to pay at the point of delivery is available before you placed order. 

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100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Our 3-In-1 Kit works on any kind of Premature Ejaculation, irrespective of years of the ailment. 

If you dont get any result within 30days of use, simply contact our support, or chat us on WhatsApp  08146196896, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

Have Questions, Contact Our Support: 08146196896

Frequently Asked Questions

   Do Your Products Have Certifications? 

    All our products are accredited and certified by NAFDAC. You can see our Reg. No on all our products.

    • How Long Will I Use the Product Before Seeing Result?

    We don’t believe in quick result, as quick things don’t last, hence we guarantee effective result within 14days.

    • How Do You Ship the Product to Me?

    We ship nationwide and you can get your product anywhere you are within 3 – 5 working days of ordering.  

    • Is The Package Discreet?

    The package is 100% discreet, we package in such a way that not even the delivery agent can see the content of the package.   

    • Does the Product Have Side Effect?

    No our product has no side effects, but not allowed for pregnant women. Special recommendation is given to Diabetes and High B.P patients.  You can reach to us for more clarification.

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